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The Pitch Doctor Service from The Academy of Oratory

2 - The In-depth Examination

Do you aspire to excel? Get an expert analysis of your work that will allow you not just to improve, but to surpass!  Learn what you may have done to weaken your work, and learn exactly what you can do to strengthen it - and how you can carry this useful knowledge forward to future presentations or speeches you have to give. 

In the in-depth examination, a pitch doctor goes through your presentation or speech three times. Where relevant, a second opinion will be sought on key points. That's potentially 2 opinions for the price of 1.

As we go through it, we run a rigorous analysis, looking at 3 aspects: 

A) Overview

This addresses key questions such as, "Why are you saying what you're saying?" "What's in it for the listener?" "What is/are the key point/s?" "What's working and why?" and "What's not working and why?"

B) Rhetorical Analysis

This addresses key elements of structure and language, "Does the structure work?" "Do content and form match? Are they best suited to each other?" and "Are there more powerful ways of getting the main points across?"  We provide scope for you to personalise any improvements we suggest – we want you to sound like you!

C) Beyond Proofreading 

We look at grammar, syntax and layout, and offer up a reworked sample showing improved layout for speech where relevant. We also look at choice of language for speech, asking questions like "Is this turn of phrase more suited to written prose than spoken word?" This is not just a basic proofing check. The feedback you get back will help you improve the clarity and pace of your delivery. We will suggest specific techniques where appropriate to enhance impact and help you make it easier for your listeners to take in what you're saying.

There's more!

In addition to the above, we offer a half-hour consultation over the phone or online at a mutually convenient time to discuss feedback and comments in depth.

This half-hour slot gives us the opportunity to talk person-to-person about specific aspects of your presentation and, where appropriate, give you the chance to practise key parts of it and get basic feedback on your vocal delivery. This is not a substitute for 1:1 training in person, but can be a useful opportunity to try out new techniques or suggestions for other potential approaches

Following this, the service includes detailed responses to two specific emails with questions relating to any of the feedback you've received, and can also include further feedback on up to three key reworked passages. 

A full re-analysis of a reworked presentation or extensive analysis or rewritten passages would not be included.

How much does the in-depth examination including 2 specific email follow-ups and a half-hour phone or online 1:1 consultation cost?


And remember - booking one of our script doctor services gets you a 10% discount on your next booking of any other follow-up service from the Academy of Oratory within 6 months of the date you first booked. This offer does not apply to Timeslot Booking

Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks. Quicker turnaround times can be arranged by booking a guaranteed timeslot in advance.

The timeslot booking fee is refundable against the cost of the Pitch Doctor Service you choose.