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The Pitch Doctor Service from The Academy of Oratory

3 - The Full Treatment

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want a quick fix? Do you want to go back to first principles and build the best foundations for a better speech or presentation? If so, then The Full Treatment Service is for you!

In The Full Treatment Service, in a 1-hour consultation call (phone or online) a pitch doctor consults you about your presentation and takes you through some key questions before you’ve even written a word.

Suggestions for structuring, tone and use of some little known, highly effective, rhetorical patterns in attitude are given to help you lay out the bare bones of your presentation in a format that is designed to appeal to your listeners’ subconscious in a very powerful way.

If you are intending to use visual aids (perhaps a PowerPoint presentation), help will be given in constructing a linear presentation using simple, design-led state-of-the-art approaches which draw on best practice in the fields. Forget native PowerPoint layouts. Forget bullet point slides. We leave bullet points behind, to draw your audience in to a highly visual, focused narrative style that is ideally suited to what you have to say and that enhances rather than detracts from your message.

In the case of something like a wedding speech, where a PowerPoint presentation is not generally required, we will spend more time with you on content and particularly storytelling in relation to anecdote, but also overall structure, if appropriate.

We work with you on your script and suggest powerful ways of laying out text for maximum impact in delivery.

Once you have put your final script (and optional presentation) together, we book in another hour’s consultation call (phone or online) during which you have the opportunity to run through your presentation or speech and get specific feedback in relation to your effectiveness in delivery.

As stated previously, this is not a substitute for 1:1 training in person, but can be a useful opportunity to try out new techniques or suggestions for other potential approaches.

This service usually requires at least 3 weeks lead time and it is best to allow 2 working day turnarounds for each submission at the very least as well as allowing sufficient time in between and after final submission for practising. We are sometimes able to achieve quicker turnarounds our end, but this needs to be agreed by prior arrangement. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The service also includes detailed responses to up to 3 specific emails with questions relating to any of the feedback you've received, and can also include further feedback on a few key reworked passages. 

How much does The Full Treatment, including linear PowerPoint design or intensive story-based speech work, up to 3 specific email follow-ups and two hour-long phone or online 1:1 consultation sessions cost?


Not only is this service fantastic value, but remember - we don't clock watch, or charge by the hour for this service. We charge a flat fee. Also, booking one of our pitch doctor services gets you a 10% discount on your next booking of any other follow-up service from the Academy of Oratory within 6 months of the date you first booked. This offer does not apply to timeslot booking. Full details are included in the feedback documents you will receive.

Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks. Quicker turnaround times can be arranged by booking a guaranteed timeslot in advance.

The timeslot booking fee is refundable against the cost of the Pitch Doctor Service you choose.