The Academy of Oratory
 We help people communicate at their best in any situation
Would you like to improve the sound of your voice? 
Do you need help with delivering a presentation you're giving?
Could you do with some help with designing a presentation? 
Would you like to improve your public speaking skills? 
Could you do with improving your sales technique?
Would you like to develop more versatility as a negotiator?
Could you benefit from accent softening, improved articulation or vocal clarity?

We can help!

NEW! We've added bespoke and standard Powtoon design to our range of skills
to help presenters present at their best.
Here's how we helped Joe - how can we help you?!

Announcing a new suite of courses exclusive to Darling Arts.

The Art of Rhetoric - for individuals, and groups of 6-12 people
Finding Your Authentic Voice - for individuals, and groups of 6-16 people
Story Magic: Bring Your Organisational Story to Life - for organisational leaders, and groups of 6-12 people
From Manager to Leader - 1:1 training for those wishing to take a fresh look at their leadership style

And three very special courses structured around an Odyssey GridTM, a colourful, fun training tool, designed to put inspiration back at the heart of learning:

Collaborative Innovation for Teams - 1- or 2-day workshops for groups of 6-24 people
Imagination–Inspiration–Innovation - 1-day workshop for groups of 6-24 people
Mindful Creativity: Working with the Grain of the Brain - 1-day workshop for groups of 6-24 people

Negotiation Courses offered in 
partnership with The Negotiation Lab 

A - 1-day Course in Effective Communication and Persuasion Skills for the Corporate Sector using the Odyssey GridTM approach.

B - 1-day and 2-day Courses in Effective Communication, Persuasion and Collaboration Skills for the Educational Sector (at sixth-form, graduate and post-graduate levels) using the Odyssey GridTM approach.

To find out more about these specialist negotiation skills training courses, click here.

What does a marimba have to do with rediscovering the magic of words? And how can it help you connect words to thought more effectively?
Find out in this TEDx talk by Leon Conrad from the Academy of Oratory!

And here's a sample video from one of our Vocal Power taster sessions - How can we help you communicate at your best?


Welcome to the Academy of Oratory's online home.

We help people communicate at their best in any situation.

We help novices increase their confidence. 
We help experienced presenters develop their skills further. 
We help aspiring leaders to be authoritative, motivational, influential speakers.

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Our approach.

Our approach is based on ethical values.
We do what we do not because it is our job, but because we feel it is our vocation.
We believe that effective, ethically based communication is the key to unlocking human potential - individually, in families, in teams and can transform hierarchical organisations for the better, enabling them to be more productive, act more responsibly while creating value for staff and shareholders alike.
At the level at which we work, we see increased empathy, decreased fragmentation, increased engagement.
At The Academy of Oratory, we achieve this by using tried, tested and very practical techniques. Our approach combines the best of classical rhetoric, the power of traditional storytelling and the best of what modern life offers in terms of advances in research and best practice in training.
We get people in touch with their natural voice quality, a quality that is typically rich, resonant, capable of a wide and varied range of expression and a pleasure to listen to. 
We help people use words powerfully, and show them how to bring their ideas to life in the minds of their listeners. 
We encourage people to bring about positive action through the act of communicating.
We do this - and do it well.

We offer
  • Group and 1:1 training
  • On-site or off-site solutions
  • Bespoke training courses
We cover
  • Voice training
  • Presentation skills training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Public speaking skills training
  • Storytelling skills training
  • Speechwriting and layout service
  • High-end PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi Presentation design, training and coaching on use in presentations
  • Non-linear PowerPoint and Keynote design and training in delivery using non-linear presentation
  • Voice Overs
  • Training for versatility in accents
  • Specialist niche training programmes, eg telephone techniques, sales and negotiation, communication via social confluence, gamestorming facilitation, etc.
Please get in touch with us for more details.

   Giles Abbott 
& Leon Conrad
Founders and lead trainers.
"...the effect was miraculous: out came a smooth, creamy and audible sound, which was greeted with encouraging murmurs by the audience. This ... was a marvellous and enlightening glimpse that made the whole course worthwhile."

Ysenda Maxtone Graham

The Talking Shop,
a six-part radio series on stories and storytelling
produced by The Academy of Oratory
and Resonance 104.4FM
Tuesdays 3 April to 8 (22) May 2012 7pm - 8pm