The Academy of Oratory
 We help people communicate at their best in any situation

'The training did work. My own presentation improved from being creaky (caused by smoking) to being more fluent and resonant after one morning's training. I also felt relaxed. All of the participants felt their performances improved.'
Individual Training for Corporate Clients
Individual training typically starts with a free, informal phone conversation to find out more about our clients and for clients to find out a bit more about us. We assess strengths and areas for improvement and discuss the best ways of achieving your goals in the time available. 

This is typically followed by an initial consultation session usually lasting one and a half hours. This is sometimes all a client needs to take on board some simple pointers to help them communicate at their best. Courses of three, six or ten individual one- to one-and-a-half-hour sessions can suit other clients, depending on their individual learning goals and the  levels of skills and abilities they present with. 

Sessions are spaced at a convenient distance apart, to allow for maximum learning to occur between them. From middle managers to CEOs, we adapt training to suit individual and corporate needs with an impressive track record of achieving significant improvements in a relatively short amount of time.

Group Training for Corporate Clients

Introductory half-day courses are available to help people communicate more effectively, get more out of their voice, use storytelling techniques to communicate company messages more effectively or promote or launch products.

range of one- and two-day courses to suit clients' needs are offered to in-house groups which cover similar topics as well as sales, negotiation, media debates, company floats, shareholder meetings.

Groups are kept small (between 6 and 12 people works best) in order to maximise contact time and individual attention for participants.

Overviews and practical lectures can be delivered for larger groups on request.

Bespoke Training Courses
We specialise in developing bespoke courses to suit clients' needs.
We have devised specialist bespoke courses and have delivered such courses for people working in charities, teachers and lecturers from primary to higher education (and specialist courses for swimming and aerobics instructors), professionals working in financial services and accountancy (teaching them how to communicate facts and figures more effectively), courses for preachers, courses for expert witnesses and the legal profession and courses to help leaders (both emerging leaders and people in senior positions) find their leadership voice.
On-site or Off-site Solutions
We specialise in developing bespoke courses to suit clients' needs. 
We offer convenient, practical training solutions for individuals, groups and organisations. A range of options and training solutions is available.

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