The Academy of Oratory
 We help people communicate at their best in any situation

Stuck for inspiration? Need a killer presentation? We can help.

Whether it's designing a presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi; or a Powtoon animation, we provide a full 'from draft to delivery' service.
  • We work with you to define your message and key points and agree a look and feel for your presentation
  • We use story logic to structure the content
  • Where necessary, we can provide a speechwriting service to give you a script to follow
  • Ideally, we prefer to give you a clear, logical, internally consistent 'bare bones' structure to follow from which you can deliver an impromptu presentation
  • We help you ensure that the presentation is there as a visual aid, and that your delivery of the presentation is what really counts

Here are some samples of work we've done.

New! We've added Powtoon design to our list of presentation design capabilities.

Animated teaser videos or animated stories can be designed for on-line use, or embedded in PPT and Keynote presentations.

Let us help you use an animated video to communicate your message in an effective and entertaining way.

Click on the image on the left to view an Academy of Oratory Powtoon.

A sample of PPT presentation build and design capabilities.

Take a Christmas-themed quiz and learn about some of PowerPoint's hidden potential. 

View sample animations. 

See how bespoke graphics can bring complex information to life.

Contact us and let us take your PPT presentation worries away!

Click on the image on the left to download and view a PowerPoint Slideshow.

Please be patient while this 25mb file downloads.

Sample builds from a bespoke pitch document for the provision of marketing services.

The brief was to build simple, yet effective animation effects and graphic builds which supported the client's communication, underlining key points as the presentation unfolded.

Click on the image on the left to download and view a PowerPoint File.

Sample builds from a contract renewal pitch presentation.

The builds feature a bespoke 'building block' theme which tied in with the overall theme the presenter used to positive effect on the day, and successful subsequent contract renewal.

Click on the image on the left to download and view a PowerPoint File.

A sample stop-frame line drawn animation in PPT from a presentation on the internal transformation of a wholesale department through the internal transformation of people and processes within it.

The feedback was that the presentation was engaging, and encouraged people to make a positive commitment to change.

Click on the image on the left to download and view a PowerPoint Slideshow.

A single-section sample from a non-linear presentation for an LED lighting company.

The design draws on the circle in the company logo, and their focus on simplicity, clarity and customer service.

Once the presentation was built, a full navigation guide was supplied to accompany the presentation build explaining when and where to click in each section, and on-line support and training in using the deck offered, making practice easy and delivery a breeze.

Click on the image to download a macro-enabled PowerPoint Slideshow.

A large-scale Prezi built in 2011 for a 40-minute keynote presentation at an IFA Roadshow.

If you are after something like this, please be aware that this particular Prezi includes work by at least 6 people and took several months to complete.

Simpler Prezis can be designed to suit particular budgets and timescales.

Click on the image to download a zipped folder containing a stand-alone Prezi to view.

Please be patient while this 84mb file downloads.
We recommend allowing a few minutes for the content to load before viewing.