"I don't understand!"

“I don’t understand.”

Great! You are amazing!

It's not the answer you might expect, but it's the answer students in a Speech, Sense, Style session are likely to get.

Students understandably get tired, they get hungry, they get frustrated. And when they experience these things, they tend to shut down. It's not just them - I think we all do it.

So what should teachers do when students say, "I don't understand," but have clearly shown their ability to demonstrate their understanding and below the surface, they just seem to be blocking learning? 

It's not an easy one to answer - but to explore the territory, I engaged in an internal dialogue in an imagnary situation in which this happened. The context is a Speech, Sense, Style lesson, in which subject and predicate had been covered and all students had demonstrated the ability to state and give examples of simple and complex subjects and predicates in sentences of their own making.



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